Journeys 旅途: Boys of the Chinese Educational Mission

The Connecticut Museum of Culture and History (CMCH) approached Brand & Butter to create an exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Chinese Educational Mission (CEM), a transformative cultural and educational initiative from 1872 to 1881. Headquartered in Hartford, the CEM enabled 120 Chinese boys, many barely adolescents, to study in New England with the goal of modernizing China through international education. This narrative is rich in aspirations, sacrifice, and the profound impact of global exchange. Brand & Butter conceptualized the exhibit's identity, design, and layout for CMCH, responding to their request for a compelling and informative visitor experience.

Project Details

Connecticut Museum of Culture and History
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Brand Identity Design
Gallery Display Planning
Digital Content Development
Exhibition Design
Production Planning
Promotional Design
Signage Creation

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