Required Reading for Clients

February 2, 2015 / By

"You wont find us wearing jeans in the pitch room..."

February 2, 2015 / By

Who we are and are not.

Just as you are committed to your product and customer experience, we eat-sleep-and-breathe our craft and are devoted to creating value for our clients. They’ll tell you we are transparent in our business processes, big on communication and integrated in our approach to problem solving.

We are generous with our time and attention. We are idea machines with boundless creativity who are also firmly anchored in business strategy, frameworks, processes and bottom-line results. From our first meeting to project execution, established timelines, milestones, budgets and agreements inform and guide our work. Once a campaign or product launches, our work and relationship continues with executive reporting, attention to metrics and a focus on ROI.

Experts – not interns – work on client projects. Titles like “community engagement engineer” and “chief creative visionary” do not exist at Brand & Butter. We do not blind clients with dizzying agency bureaucracy. We do not intimidate or distract our clients with trendy industry lingo in a shallow attempt to prove we are the experts. And we do not wear jeans in the pitch room to convince clients that we are the fresh, left-brain talent our clients need on their team… we are professionals.

We have also sat in your seat. Our practices are born from our firsthand experiences as the client. We know what it means to be a gatekeeper for a brand.  We know what it’s like to have the success or failure of a campaign or a launch resting on your shoulders and the risk and potential reward that comes along with entrusting an outside party with business initiatives of great importance. When we formed Brand & Butter, we adopted what worked, left behind what didn’t, and never stop perfecting our secret sauce.